Complimenting the Kickass Confidence book, use Head Coach Online (FREE!*) to easily assess, plan and monitor your confidence to sustainably achieve high performance leadership and personal wellbeing.

  • Personal Confidence Dashboard – Use the 8 Key Confidence Indicators (KCIs) to assess your current confidence level
  • Personal Confidence Plan – Choose a low KCI and a small win action. Then note a metric and a way to stay accountable. The system will help you monitor and record progress.
  • Accountability Notifications – Let the system help keep your current Personal Confidence Plan on track.
  • Check-in Reminders – Set the system to remind you when its time to update your Personal Confidence Dashboard and Plan.
  • Weekly Confidence Kickers – Call on these for quick, easy tips for boosting confidence anytime!
  • Personal Confidence Collection – have quick access to your proudest memories for needed shots of confidence.

* Some paid-for features. Pricing subject to change at any time

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