Confidence is Career Currency

Career Acceleration Peer Groups

6 live-led, virtually attended small group peer sessions

Led by ACI’s Alyssa Dver, qualified members come together using video conferencing to develop a confident mindset and personal plans to proactively create a desired career path.

Leveraging neuro-based knowledge and tools, members learn, support and grow together in this uniquely powerful program.

If you are tired of being a cheerleader and not your own career quarterback, let’s create the confidence and success you crave. Become the trusted leader, inspiring role model and valuable collaborator you know you can.

Accepting applications for our Mid-Career Women’s program

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Unlike self-help, coaches, mentors or online training, the Kickass Confidence Career Acceleration Peer Groups are:

  • Evidence-based tools & techniques means everything is backed by American Confidence Institute research and top scientific experts.
  • BOTH strategies and tactics to control career confidence – forever.
  • Peer feedback together with expert facilitation brings comfort and perspective.
  • Role plays prepare you for anything – no more regretful action or reaction.
  • Learn, discuss, apply and see real results – immediately!

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Career Acceleration programs for:

  • C-Suite/VP women
  • Mid-career men
  • Recent college graduates

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Confidence Coach Certification

For Existing Life or Business Coaches

Offered through:
  • Two 3-hr virtually attended, live-led sessions
  • Offered 3 times each year; learn from fellow coaches from around the world
  • ICF approved, 6 CCEUs
  • Gain a valuable coaching credential
  • Qualify to receive ACI client referrals and lead Kickass Confidence Circles

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