Boost Engagement & Productivity

Give your employees life-changing skills, strategies and tools that increase their confidence while immediately and sustainably improve your company’s culture and bottom line.  Also popular with multi-company audiences at association and industry conferences.
At your site ~ typically ½ day ~ ideal audience size under 25.

Attendee Outcomes:  

  • Effortlessly & authentically impress, inspire and impact other people
  • Motivate yourself and others to be more productive and resilient
  • Create genuine trust and engagement
  • Unlock everyone’s creativity and collaboration
  • Gain focus and well-being

Tailored for each audience.


  1. What confidence is – and what it is not
  2. How confidence directly impacts our own and other people’s behaviors
  3. The neuroscience, psychology and social research that explains why some people are confident
  4. How to train your own brain to be in control of confidence
  5. Using the 8 Key Confidence Indicators to assess confidence
  6. Develop a Personal Confidence Action Plan
  7. Communicating confidence in how you walk, talk and look
  8. Instant, anytime confidence kickers
  9. Real world role plays
  10. Lots of interaction, ah ha’s and ha ha’s!


To get even more applied learning and sustained internal peer support, complement the workshop with a Confidence Circle.

Contact us to discuss your group and budget!