Literally a Kickass Keynote!

Interactive – Energizing – Experiential – Educational

1 hour
Tailored for each audience
Optional book sales/signin
Add-on VIP events

Popular titles:

  • Kickass Confidence: Neuro-based strategies and secrets to Stand Out. Be Heard. Have Impact
  • Stand Out. Be Heard. Have Impact. – Neuro-based confidence strategies and secrets
  • High Performance Leadership: Leveraging elite neuro-based confidence strategies and tools
  • Walk, Talk and Look like a Leader: Leveraging neuro-based confidence strategies and secrets
  • From Entrepreneur to Leader: Creating Core Confidence in Yourself and Your Company
  • Selling Confidence: Creating trust, comfort and engagement with your clients – and yourself

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Things you should want from a speaker:

  • Hot topic that is immediately applicable and forever impactful
  • Abundance of experience and delighted past client reviews
  • Entertaining – Engaging – Interactive
  • Not just inspirational but data-driven and scientifically proven information
  • Enhances audiences’ business and personal life
  • Ignites a high energy event and thankful participant feedback
  • Easy – even fun – to work with!

“You have a presence that commands the room while creating intimacy with each person there. You could speak to 10 people or 1000 and every one of them would leave feeling as though you’d come to speak to them personally. You are supremely capable, confident and human”

Ariane Cherbuliez
Coaches Training Institute

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