Alyssa Dver
Chief Confidence Officer

Fascinated with motivational theory in college, I applied it as a professional marketer. While interacting with so many people over the years, I observed that confidence is the key to engagement – as well as most things needed for success. I became obsessed with finding out how and why some people and brands seem to have more than others.

In this quest, I co-founded American Confidence Institute and we discovered that many of the top athletes, military personnel and C-suite execs were using similar neuroscience-based brain training techniques. Kickass Confidence now brings these social and scientific secrets to anyone who wants to achieve high performance results.

Are you ready to train your brain and up your game?



Chief Confidence Officer, Alyssa Dver is the expert on The Neuroscience & Social Secrets of Confidence. She’s the co-founder of the American Confidence Institute and author of 6 books, including her latest: “Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game”.

In her keynotes and workshops, Alyssa entertains, educates and empowers audiences so they can better control their own and other people’s confidence.  Clients include IBM, Staples, Pepsi, Royal Bank of Canada, Rue La La, State Street, MA Worksite Wellness, National Association of Women MBAs, ExhibitorLive, CEO Connection and Vistage.  She also teaches staff and students at MIT, Wharton and other colleges, middle and high schools.

Her business background includes being a Chief Marketing Officer for 7 tech companies and founding Mint Green Marketing that provided part-time CMO services to over 150 companies based all over the world.   She continues to be a trusted marketing and leadership advisor for executives and entrepreneurs. Her reach includes a monthly WebTV show, edgy blog and active social media channels. She’s a go-to expert for media including Forbes, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, NPR, CNN Money, and The Boston Globe.

A Wharton graduate, Alyssa is AIPMM certified as a Product Manager and Marketer and for several years running, she’s been a judge for the Stevie’s International Marketing and Best Employer awards.

When she’s not confidence crusading, Alyssa is a guitarist and vocalist in two bands, plus, she’s game for all things involving art, wine and food. She lives in Westborough, MA with her 2 very tall teenage sons, her utterly patient 5th grade teacher husband, and their cute, but quirky, rescue pooch.