Get A Competitive, Confident Advantage.

Based on the research conducted and collected by the American Confidence Institute (ACI), Kickass Confidence helps anyone with a growth mindset to  scientifically, yet simply, control confidence. By understanding the neuroscience and social secrets used by Olympic & professional athletes, elite military and successful C-suite execs, Kickass Confidence gives the knowledge and tools to anyone who wants to control their own – and other people’s –  confidence.

With Kickass Confidence:

  • Amp your personal presence and leadership influence
  • Persevere with higher levels of resilience and focus
  • Unlock your own and your team’s creativity via more inspired engagement and collaboration
  • Proactively avoid stress, indecision and guilt

We offer:

TRAININGon-site workshops, self-service eclasses, and a comprehensive Confidence Academy professional development program to help organizations build a sustainable, confidence culture.

TOOLS – Read about the science and theory of Kickass Confidence in the book. Then use the Head Coach online tool to help you assess and take your own confidence to the next level.

EXPERIENCES – Bring Alyssa to do a Kickass keynote for an event or join us at one of our Kickass Confidence Evening Retreats!


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