Kick Up Confidence is a show that digs into topics that challenge confidence.

It is easy to be impressed with Rosemary Alfredo. She’s owned several businesses and has 3 amazing children who all graduated from college and have successful careers. One is a former professional football player, one owns her own PR company and the third started and runs a cookie company. What you don’t see from a quick view is that Rosemary dropped out of college herself and raised her 3 kids as a single mom – including Collette who has Down Syndrome. And yes, she’s the cookie mogul who was invited to the Oscars.

It’s an inspiring, perspective-setting story. Rosemary shares her wisdom in raising confident kids and how she maintains her own confidence through faith, humor and great support.

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Please support Collette’s non-profit by buying cookies – you’ll help her, the people with disabilities that she hires, and trust me, the cookies are truly delicious.


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