Confidence Kickers – quick & easy ways to boost your own & other people’s confidence.

Thank someone for making your life easier.

From a young age, we are conditioned to say thank you.  Someone holds the door, brings us food, moves out of our way and lets us pass….we automatically say thank you.  Manners are important and do help us communicate in a way that is expected and appreciated. It bolsters confidence to an extent and when manners are absent, it flusters our own confidence and our opinion of the other person.  As such, when used with real sincerity, “thank you” can have a magical impact. Generic thank you is nice. “Thank you for making my life easier” or augmenting with a smile or other gesture means more. “Hey, I want to thank you for making that introduction – it really helped me a lot.”  “Thank you for resolving my issue so quickly as the problem was really costly to me.”…you get the idea. 

It’s like when people tell me in passing, “Thanks for the great presentation”. It’s reflexive and non-descriptive. They aren’t going to say to my face, “You stunk”! I do appreciate the thanks but it’s the ones that stop deliberately and tell me why they liked the presentation.  They tell me something that stuck out for them that really helped or changed how they will live going forward.  Those are the ones that I really appreciate and are genuinely, not just politely, thanking me.  That’s when I know I made a difference in someone else’s life and they are acknowledging it.  So to you reading this and those who have given me confident thanks in the past….thank YOU! 


Now get out there and kick up some confidence!