Confidence Conversations are brief expert videos to help build and sustain confidence.

I would do something different but….!

Sometimes we want to make career changes just to get better balance. Other times we feel compelled to change careers to do something more impressive or meaningful. Either way, figuring that out can be exhausting and demoralizing so it can seem easier to stay in cruise control – even though we know and feel the need for career speed.

But if career status quo isn’t good enough for you (or someone you know), I want to offer 2 ways to jumpstart a career change.

My first offer is this Month’s Confidence Conversation which was specifically created for those who are thinking about changing their career completely. Maybe you’re an accountant that really wants to be a business coach. Or a graphic designer that yearns to teach. Either way, my interview with The Rockin’ Career Coach, Vicki Auburn will show you how to catalyze your career change.
My second offer was created exclusively for mid-career women who want to get more responsibility and make more money but too busy/tired/confused/etc. to focus on what and how? Get the confidence, tools and a concrete plan to move your career forward fast with our Career Acceleration Peer Group Program.

Watch the Confident Career Change
interview here With Vicki Auburn!

or learn more about our Career Acceleration Peer Group Program here.

About my Guest

Vicki Aubin (‘The Rockin’ Career Coach’) is a career transition and personal branding consultant who helps career rebels unleash their inner rockstar and reinvent themselves. After launching her career in the music industry, Vicki spent 10+ years in HR and Recruiting at Fortune 500 companies before realizing her true calling: helping other purpose-driven professionals discover and market their transferable strengths, make a powerful first impression, and do the work they were meant to do. Since 2012 Vicki has helped people across various industries rock new careers. She also coaches students at NYU Stern, Rutgers Business School, and Flatiron School.