Two members of the Confidence Community forwarded Chris Bond’s recent review of my book.  I”m so tickled and seriously grateful!

Here’s a little preview.

No imposter herself, Dver knows full well of what she speaks. As co-founder of the American Confidence Institute, and mother of a boy with the neurological movement disorder known as dystonia, she’s an expert the art of belief coupled with the science of the brain. She writes about the emotional distractions that can trip us up after (say) staying up half the night perfecting a PowerPoint presentation, sweating every detail. It’s showtime and we notice a yawn or phone check from an audience member and in our minds all hell breaks loose. Dver takes the reader through these sorts of high stakes scenarios that require peak performance that help ‘simulate and measure confident thoughts that over time become mental memory paths and eventually autonomic responses.’ The goal is stronger neural pathways by creating confident thoughts (through analysis of options), evaluating potential outcomes and consequences (with data from learned experiences), decisively choosing a path (while fighting uncertainty), and lastly weighing likely success (self-efficacy). Call it look before you leap but at lightning speed.

-Chris Bond
Murphy Business

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Let us know your thoughts on Kickass Confidence. If you haven’t already read it, download the first chapter here or pick up your own copy here.