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Fix up your makeup on the move!

As a special summer treat for the working women of the Kickass Confidence community, this month’s video is totally fun and incredibly useful as we tackle the under discussed subject of mobile makeup. As busy professional women, we barely have time to put on makeup as we’re rushing out the door. When we’re well put together – by our own standards – we approach our day feeling confident. Yet, as the day goes by, it can take a toll on the freshness of our minds and makeup – which, in turn, affects our confidence. We don’t have time to deal with it even though we are concerned subconsciously. Our fun expert guest, Tracilee Messina, shares incredible and practical tips – Alyssa literally had a jaw dropping reaction! Get super easy, quick, AND affordable results for all of us on-the-go uber-busy gals.

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About my Guest

Tracilee has been a makeup artist and personal beauty consultant for 8 years, helping align women’s beauty goals with their lifestyle, time, budget, and desired look. She loves to write and research for, which offers beauty industry tips, tricks and answers to beauty dilemmas for women of all ages. Tracilee is also a mom of two, professional carpooler, and striving entrepreneur. She has an MBA in Health Administration and holds a seat on the Newton Wellesley Hospital Auxiliary Board.