Confidence Conversations are brief expert videos to help build and sustain confidence.

They say ‘The heaviest piece of equipment in
the whole gym is the front door.’

From the shedding of clothing layers revealing rolls hidden from hibernation – to the memes of ‘winter vs summer bodies’ filling our newsfeeds…summer is creeping up. And so are the reminders of any lack of commitment we had to getting fit. Why is it so hard for some of us to stick to that commitment?

As this month’s expert, Caroline Dawson, explains – the hardest hurdle is just getting through those doors! From not feeling fit enough to ‘fit’ in, to the pushup posers and even pushy teachers – working out can be understandably intimidating. Caroline offers simple, confidence-inducing ways to get you into to the gym – and even into working out!

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About my Guest

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® program and certified fitness professional since 1993, Caroline has worked with some of the top fitness professionals in creating new programs and services. She currently holds NASM, ACE and AFAA certifications and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. Caroline teaches group exercise classes for Town Sports International in the greater Boston area, is a Master Trainer for Instructor Toolbox, and consults fitness industry leaders under the business name