I learned my lesson.  I was late one year sending my card to my mother in time for Mother’s Day.  I don’t even think Fed-Ex’ing Brad Pitt’s naked wrapped inside a giant box would have fixed the situation.  My mother was angry with me and clearly made that evident via “Ma’Bell” – and I can’t blame her.

This year, it was my husband’s unlucky fate when he was late with his card.   So when neither greeting card nor gift arrived on time, his 8 am call to wish his mom a happy “Son-day” led to my husband arguing with his very upset mother.  This was a not a good thing for anyone as my husband tends to make everyone around him feel uncomfortable when he isn’t happy. It was perhaps more discomfort than even my Mother’s Day bladder infection. Yay, Mother’s Day.

Why do so many moms get unhinged if they aren’t honored with a cheesy card?

Moms definitely want to have their kids appreciate the sacrifices they made for them and receive recognition of a job well done.   Moms want pampering but probably more than that, they want reassurance that their children still need them.  And yes, she needs a card to prove it all and show it off to her friends.  Maybe some moms want to know their kids forgive them for all the not-so-great things they do or did as parents.  Maybe some really do like cheesy cards.

So while Hallmark may have created Mother’s Day, it’s Maslow who explains it – moms, too, need to feel belonging and love.  And whether they get that confirmation through the mail or via a homemade pinch pot, she belongs to you and you to her.  So just do it and don’t be late.  Mother’s Day is your obligation to tell mom that you are ‘maternally grateful. 

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Alyssa Dver
Cheif Confidence Officer

American Confidence Institute