Confidence Conversations are brief expert videos to help build and sustain confidence.

Presenting With Confidence – make mistakes, be human, be relatable, …be you.

Public speaking and presenting is one of the hottest topics requested for Confidence Conversations …and one of the most feared!

As our fabulous guest expert Karen Donaldson shares, much of the angst around speaking comes from getting stuck in our own heads. We get lost in the unknowns and fears of ‘what ifs’ – becoming too focused on being absolutely flawless and the next ‘big name’ in speaking instead of being focused on our audience.

In this month’s Confidence Conversation we find out that the keys to speaking confidently and owning the stage have a lot less to do with what comes out of our mouths than we think. Learn how to have the right conversation with yourself and let go of the idea of being perfect. Allowing yourself to be you and be relatable to your audience in order to truly capture them.

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About my Guest

Karen Donaldson is an award winning, Best Selling Author & the owner of Karen Donaldson Inc. She‘s a mom of 5 and an International Communication and Confidence Coach and Speaker.

Karen has been speaking for over 20 years, giving audiences the tools to create and live a life with no excuses and helping individuals to authentically share their voice on any public platform.

Karen is the secret weapon behind many CEO’s, Senior Executives, and Politicians across North America and the UK, as she helps them to increase their capacity to truly connect, engage and authentically increase their impact with any audience.