As women, we are constantly bombarded by confident sucking factors in our lives; from photoshopped bodies on magazines attempting to dictate our images to marketing ploys that make us feel sub-par. We even cause our own sabotages by measuring ourselves up against those around us.

But one of the worst things is when women become the source that sucks the confidence of other women. Why do women do this? Why do they shame each other, compare each other, and tear each other down? Sometimes it comes from a place of jealousy or as a mechanism to feel better about their own downfalls. Sometimes it’s just a group mentality when surrounded by others doing the same. And other times, they just don’t realize they’re doing it. No matter what the excuse though, there isn’t a good reason for it.

As strong confident women, our own confidence is reflected in how we build up the confidence of those around us.

When someone feels the need to put down another person, it’s more of a reflection of themselves than anything else. We all have faults and downfalls, even the most confident ones among us. The difference is that truly confident people recognize this, embrace it, and they don’t use it as a point to bring someone down. Instead, they help inspire those around them to be more confident by lifting each other up.

So as we begin to celebrate International Women’s Day and we remember the women that truly inspire us, let’s also remember to be the inspiration ourselves by empowering those around us.

Let’s add to one of my favorite, most appropriate quotes for this week. “To great women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them,” And may we inspire each other.

Vanessa Assaro-Aluisa
Digital Communications Manager & Project Coordinator
American Confidence Insititute