“Kick Up Confidence” is a monthly TV show that digs into topics that challenge confidence – from dressing with confidence to financial planning, personal networking and even how to take a confident headshot!



I often feel like a social media moron.  I know I’m not alone.

We inherently know that on any given day, any given post, social media can boost or bust confidence.  However, just using it can tax one’s confidence.  It’s always changing with new bells, whistles, and buttons just showing up – or disappearing. Hot tools suddenly become uncool and shiny new apps gain unexplained viral popularity.

So if you ever felt somewhat stupid or simply insecure about using social media, watch this show. Social media guru, Alicia Williams, will discuss how to build your confidence. She shares some insights on how to conceptually use social media and confirms that social media makes everyone unsure. For anyone that feels insecure using social media, I guarantee you will ‘like’ this show in the old fashioned – ‘no clicks needed’ – way!


Our guest expert:

Alicia Williams
CEO, Aliste Marketing

As the CEO of Aliste Marketing and author of the book, Popping Your Marketing Cherry, A Book on How To Get Your Budding Business To Go All the Way. Alicia’s gift for out-of-the-box creative strategies with real ROI metrics have won her a dedicated client base as well as the attention of branding giants like Microsoft and Staples.  She was the 2016 Outstanding Women of Family Business Award Recipient, was recognized as one of the 2012 Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty, and the spotlight entrepreneur for Capital One Spark.

Alicia is HubSpot and Constant Contact certified and she speaks all over at events and in media including No Boundaries Business Radio Show, Money Matters Talk Radio, and CBS Radio.

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